Explore the unknown.
Pursue transformational ideas.
Take risks.
Challenge the impossible.

Disrupt Without

Store Nº8 was formed in 2017 as part of Walmart’s larger innovation mission to shape the future of retail. Our ultimate goal: fuel the core business, create new operational efficiencies, and unlock amazing experiences for our customers in the long-term.

Startup Speed,
Fortune 1 Scale

Because the future comes fast, we’re working faster. As independent companies, our startups have the freedom to test, learn, and iterate on their ideas. If the idea doesn’t work, they pivot quickly. If they succeed, they go live on retail’s largest stage.

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Our accelerated incubation model is possible because of Walmart’s size and innovative DNA. Access to the resources and strategic guidance of the world’s largest retailer gives our startups superpowers. We’re outsiders, with an inside track.

What’s in a name?

Store Nº8 is named after a store — but we’re not a physical store. Our name is an homage to the eighth Walmart store launched in Morrilton, Arkansas, where Sam Walton tested new strategies and innovations.

“I have always been driven to buck the system, to innovate, to take things beyond where they’ve been.”

Sam Walton

Innovation begins
with people.

Our talent is our greatest asset. We have some of the most inventive and entrepreneurial minds working in retail and technology today.