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Rachel Reid


When I joined Store Nº8, the idea of operating a startup within a large company like Walmart seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime. I was drawn to the scale and the potential impact the team could have at a Fortune 1 company. The entrepreneurial approach of Store Nº8 also impacted my decision. I wanted something that was still scrappy and fast-paced.


I've worked with entrepreneurs my entire career.  First in investment banking, helping early-stage technology companies with exits. And then, helping early-stage CPG companies raise capital through an online marketplace. At Store Nº8 I can continue working with entrepreneurs and early-stage companies, but in the context of a larger company with even greater impact.


In my first year at Store No 8, I led our initiatives around virtuality and immersive merchandising. I helped create the Innov8 competition focused on VR startups that culminated in a high-profile gala event and winners showcase. I really enjoyed working working with incredibly talented innovaters to help them best demonstrate their technology and potential impact in the context of retail and the future of shopping.

Title — Associate, New Ventures

Joined — February, 2017

Employee No. — #2


  1. I drink to forget my AIM screename.

  2. I got 99 problems but getting lost ain't one.

  3. For my next trick, I will pull a pineapple-themed object out of my apartment.

  4. Before I kill you Mr. Bond, I must show you my moonwalk.

  5. Make a haiku.
    My friends call me Rae.
    Sun and sea, I love to play.
    I hail from the Bay.


  6. When I am a billionaire, I shall erect a 50-foot statue to commemorate my family cat, Mushu.

  7. What never fails to liven up the party? My “IT’S A PARTY” Spotify playlist

  8. What's there a ton of in heaven? White sandy beaches


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