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IRL by Walmart is Here

Introducing the Intelligent Retail Lab by Walmart. Located inside a working Neighborhood Market, in Levittown NY,  it is a place where we can test and explore AI-powered products, process and experiences in the real world.

We’re testing in a real environment so we can understand the real ways new technology can radically improve how real Walmart customers shop for the things they need the most. IRL is a natural outcome of Walmart's commitment to innovation.


IRL is the only retail AI lab that's working in a real world environment. Instead of building and testing AI-powered retail in a simulated retail environment or a small controlled space with a limited number of pre-packaged goods, we're testing a wide range of capabilities in a 50,000 sq. ft. Walmart Neighborhood Market, with more than 30,000 items and a team of more than 100 associates.


A Platform of Possibilities:
A Look Inside the Lab

About 30 miles outside of NYC, the Intelligent Retail Lab is more than a working Walmart store. It's a place where people can learn and get excited about AI through interactive installations designed to engage and inform. What if nothing was ever out of stock? What if checkout lines were never long? What if shopping carts were never low? We want customers and associates to share in our excitement around the possibilities of AI to enhance their store experience.


IRL is an exciting place full of cutting-edge technologies not usually seen inside Walmart stores, so we expect people to have questions. Interactive displays and informational hubs help keep customers informed and educated about what’s happening inside IRL during their shopping trip.

This is the only Walmart store in the world with a fully operational on-premise data center. A transparent wall of windows give customers a peek under the hood at where everything we test and learn inside IRL is powered, processed and analyzed.

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Incubation in Action

By incubating IRL within Store N°8, we were able to move quickly from ideation to execution.


IRL began with questions: In what ways could AI transform the way 160M Walmart customers shop every week? How can it improve the store experience for associates and free them up for higher value tasks?

The Store No. 8 team began to explore the concept of an in-store AI lab to be a launch pad for cutting-edge, AI-powered services and experiences.

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The Intelligent Retail Lab was pioneered by a cross-enterprise team which included both Walmart Store Operations and Store No. 8.

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The Intelligent Retail Lab is located in Levittown, NY.

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