Our companies benefit
from the best of both
worlds – they operate
at the speed of a
startup with access to
the scale of Walmart.


We can’t tell you exactly what we’re working on, but we can tell you where we’re focused: the Walmart customer. We’re constantly developing new capabilities that put our customer at the center of the experience.

Come Join Us
  • Conversational Commerce

    Shop like you’re talking or texting a friend

  • Frictionless Checkout

    Making checkout as easy as just walking out

  • Health & Wellness

    Save money, live better meets healthcare

  • In-Store Digitization

    Where digital meets physical

  • Last Mile Delivery

    Delivering the next frontier of convenience

  • Mixed Reality

    Get immersed in shopping's new reality

  • Next Gen Agriculture

    In pursuit of sustainable sourcing

  • Perpetual Inventory

    Inventory intelligence in real-time

  • Shopping Automation

    Ordering what you need, so you don’t have to

The proof is in the projects

Check out a few of our capabilities below.

Consider the status
quo challenged.

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