Our Portfolio

We're focused on catching the “big waves” — nascent trends and broad technologies that offer transformational opportunity and impact to Walmart associates and customers. Take a look at some of the exciting projects in our portfolio and some of the areas we’re exploring next.

Exploring the Future

We are constantly evaluating trends impacting the industry and retail at large. There are massive waves coming that will define the future of commerce, and we’re catching that momentum.

Health & Wellness

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Social Commerce & Creator Economy

Mixed Reality & Metaverse

Food & Next-Gen Agriculture

Customer Experience & Loyalty

Web3 & Decentralized Commerce

Our Work


Artificial Intelligence for the real world

Mixed Reality

Creating enriching and engaging shopping experiences through Augmented Reality

Dare to build the future

We need the most brilliant minds to change the future of commerce. Are you up for the challenge?