What can you get done with just one text?

Conversational Commerce

The convenience of text and voice shopping — wherever, whenever.

The Opportunity

What if you could shop as easily as you chat? What if you could add groceries to your cart in the middle of cooking dinner? With Conversational Commerce, we’re building text and voice experiences that make it easier than ever to shop with Walmart.

The Approach

We believe shopping should be as simple as sending a text or speaking to a device. By harnessing the power of conversational intelligence using machine learning and natural language understanding, we’re building yet another way for Walmart customers to shop for their favorite brands at the lowest prices.

The Journey

Conversational Commerce was born out of Jetblack, the first Store N°8 portfolio company, which focused on discovering new conveniences in the shopping journey. From Jetblack, we learned that customers enjoy the simplicity and ease of shopping through text message. Our team also developed voice capabilities in collaboration with Google and Apple to offer more shortcuts within the Walmart experience.

Dare to build the future

We need the most brilliant minds to change the future of commerce. Are you up for the challenge?