Artificial Intelligence for the real world

The Opportunity

What if we could spark joy by bringing a little helpful magic into the everyday lives of Walmart customers and associates? With the world’s best Augmented Reality team, we can create productive and entertaining immersive real-world shopping experiences.

The Approach

We believe that by bringing the power of computer vision, AI, machine learning and sensor fusion to physical stores, we can create operational efficiencies and further improve the customer and associate experience in the future. We believe that by bringing the best of Walmart—advanced technology, operational excellence, a sophisticated supply chain, and trusted associates—together, we can simplify shopping and unlock new levels of convenience for today’s busy families.

The Journey

In April 2019, IRL launched the Intelligent Retail Lab, a testing ground for AI-enabled processes, services and experiences inside a Walmart Neighborhood Market. By choosing one of the busiest stores in the country, we have been able to test and learn at scale, in a real-world environment. After identifying key technologies that have improved customer and associate experiences alike, IRL graduated from incubation and was integrated into the broader Walmart organization.

To learn more about what IRL is doing, you can schedule a tour at the Intelligent Retail Lab in Levittown, New York or visit Intelligent Retail Lab website.

Dare to build the future

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