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Our vision is to drive commerce forward by developing capabilities that will help Walmart win the future of retail. While others inside the organization are working on innovating for today, our focus is a 5-10 year time horizon.

The projects, events and portfolio companies we’re developing today will help shape what retail looks like tomorrow.

2018 was a big year for the future.

Let's take a
look back to see 5 years ahead.

We made this video to give a quick overview of what Store Nº8 is all about.

We launched our first two portfolio companies.

Next-Gen Conversational Commerce

The first public Store Nº8 portfolio company is here. Jetblack is shopping – over text message. A members-only personal shopping service, it combines the convenience of e-commerce, with the customized attention and expert recommendations of a personal assistant.


Which is focused on reimagining merchandising through the medium of
VR and creating the standard for a new
platform, V-commerce.

The next game-changing medium in commerce? V-commerce. Spatial& is where brands become storytellers, consumers become active participants, and merchandising becomes magical through immersive retail experiences. Spatial& is reinventing the customer journey by applying the medium of VR to retail in ways that have never been done before.

We tapped into the spirit of entrepreneurship and the well of amazing talent within Walmart by hosting iD8, a 12-week incubation bootcamp.

Designed to engage and ignite the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial thinking among eligible Walmart Associates in Bentonville, iD8 will identify ideas that could have material impact on Walmart's core business.

Meet the Winners:

Congratulations to the winning team: "FILL MY CART"

Emily Xavier

Data Scientist, Walmart Labs

Jennifer Pope

Principal Program Manager, Technology, Walmart

Angie Vick

Senior Manager, Insource Operations Strategy, Walmart

Maggie Gurganus

Business Solutions Analyst, Emerging Tech, Walmart

iD8 3D2_4x.png

Stay tuned for

iD8 — 2019


— Coming Soon —

Emilee Miles

Project Manager Messaging & Innovations, Walmart

We shared our perspective on incubation and the future of retail with the industry at large, with the goal of putting Walmart at the center of the conversation.

Our mission at Store Nº8 is to ‘Ignite The Change that Changes Everything,’ and research plays a key role...

Let’s daydream for a minute. Let’s imagine the future. What do you see? Maybe it’s driverless cars...

It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago today, we announced our incubator Store Nº8 center stage at Shoptalk...

What happens when you join together a group of committed and enthusiastic talent, people with entrepreneurial DNA...

Today is a big day. After a year of keeping it under wraps, I am excited to announce the launch of Spatial&...

At Store Nº8, we’re in the business of incubating companies in order to develop leapfrog capabilities which we believe will be critical to the future of retail, and therefore the future of Walmart....

Jetblack Store Nº8’s first portfolio company, publicly launched last May with the mission to change the way people shop. Jetblack’s Interim Chief Customer Officer and Chief Product Officer recently sat down to chat about how Jetblack is using conversational commerce to do so.

We made a splash in the press and helped generate buzz around Walmart's commitment to innovation and moving at the speed of change.

The world's largest retailer was slow to catch on. Now, it's testing innovative ideas about how people may shop in the future.

The founder of Store Nº8 Katie Finnegan explains how the company is looking for the next innovation...

What does the future of retail look like? Lori Flees asks herself that question every day...

The quest for technology hasn't changed Walmart's core values or mission — it's just made things move faster, McMillon told attendees at NRF's Big Show...

Katie Finnegan grew up immersed in retail. Her father helped Mickey Drexler reinvent the Gap...

Fortune is closely tracking the careers of these 10 star executives, all of whom could someday...

Here's what our mascot Otto has been up to.

I’m Otto, the unofficial spokes creature for the team. Why an Octopus?

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Otto Halloween

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